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PreK 4

PreK Daily Schedule: 

The PreK schedule is designed to integrate all the skills - socially, emotionally, academically, and physically - that children need to succeed as they move through their school years. Throughout the year, PreK students examine studies that resonate with them, for example -- trees, balls, and neighborhoods, learning through imaginative play. Pre-academic skills are woven into the day - for example, when teachers take attendance with the class, students learn number sense and pre-math skills.


Here are some highlights
(Please note many of these pictures were taken pre-COVID)

A student pretending to be a bird during the Tree Study

Journal Writing 
Students are given prompts or invited to practice writing about whatever interests them. Enthusiasm and creativity are prized far more than technical perfection in letter-writing. 

Choice Time 
Choosing play spaces leads to better social skills, turn-taking, independence and learning how to make good choices. It's also fun! 

Read Aloud 
Literacy begins with active listening and participation in Read Aloud time.

Gross Motor 
Twice a day, students play with balls, hoops, spinners, jump-ropes, trikes and more, allowing for much-needed free active playtime. 

Students eat lunch in their classroom with their peers. They can order lunch from the school lunch menu, or parents can send in meals. 

Small Group 
These sessions allow teachers to focus on basic skills with students in a more focused environment. 

Special events/activities
As often as possible, PreK takes Walking Trips through the neighborhood to incorporate the real world into their lessons. From visiting the park during the Tree Study, to the Laundromat during the Clothing Study, it's a great way to learn. Family members are invited to come visit class for WOW Sessions where they can share wisdom about any topic of their choosing - from hobbies, to vocations, PreK students want to learn about it all! 

Annually there is a PreK/Kindergarten Prom, a fun annual evening event that lets family and students come for a special occasion dance. There is also a Fashion Show where families are invited to come in and see student work. 

The Road to Kindergarten: 
We have a robust program to connect PreK students to their Kindergarten peers, so they are ready to move on to the next grade at the end of the year. Throughout the year, PreK students visit the Kindergarten classrooms and there are sessions for parents and children on what to expect. 

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