Guidance Counselor: Ms. Wright (3rd-8th)

School Counselor 

Be kind

Hello, my name is Ve`Dora More`Wright . I am a recent graduate of New Jersey City University's CACREP accredited counseling program and received an M.A. in school counseling . Prior to receiving my Master's degree in counseling, I attended New Jersey City University ,where I received my B.A. degree in History Five years prior to my pursuing a career in counseling, I started my first job in the education system. It was then when I was inspired to become a School Counselor. In the last five years, I have managed to be a mentor, leader, confidant to students, along with a disciplinarian. Students have always been comfortable with speaking to me and seeking advice. I assist students with conflict resolution , social skills, and self-esteem. I advocated for the needs of students and pushed for programs that gave students a voice and made them feel valued. Collaboration with others is very important to the growth and development of students and my own personal growth. I have been that parent establish between parents and teachers to establish a better relationships. I utilized Solution Focused Therapy to support the needs of students along with behavior charts to aide in the growth and development of my students. I am passionate about creating a GREAT school environment for my students. I make it my purpose to remember every students name in the building, to make sure that they are acknowledged, and feel like they are important. I believe that we do not know what a child is going through at home, but it is our job to make sure their experience in school is a wonderful one. Sincerely,Ve`Dora More` Wright