Beginner Band

Hey Fourth Graders! I hope everyone is finding a new rhythm to this distance learning that is feeling pretty comfortable by now. I am super excited about our Virtual Concert that we are working towards! We are all working on Power Rock, so keep practicing! Here is a list of the lesson groups that have settled in for now: Mondays- Flutes @ 11:00 am Registe Trumpets @ 11:30 am Clarinets @ 1:00 pm Tuesdays- Trombones (Tues) @ 1:00 pm Wednesdays- Saxophones @ 11:00 am Trumpets (Wed) @ 11:30 am Thursdays- Percussion (Thur) @ 11:30 am Low Brass (Thur) @ 12:00 pm Fridays- Percussion (Tues) @ 11:30 am Please make an attempt to show up to these meetings! The links to the Zoom meetings can be found in the Google Classroom for each lesson group!