Mr. Cain, Behavior Analyst

Hi! My name is Mr. Cain and I am excited Family
to be supporting LCCS in my new role as a behaviorist. These are some of the things I will be helping with this year: 

Collaborating with teachers and administration to implement positive behavior supports in the classroom

Create platform where staff and parents can access support for improving behaviors in the classroom and home.

Develop intervention plans when necessary to support students with challenging behaviors and to support functioning in the school. 

Here are some things about me!

Family dog

I grew up in Audubon, NJ (right across the Walt Whitman bridge in Philly) as an avid sports fan as well as a musician. I attended the University of the Arts where I graduated with a BS in Music Performance on Guitar. 
I then pursued my Masters in Education and began working in the public schools in special education. I eventually moved to Jersey City and got trained in the Montessori method while working at HPMS in downtown Jersey City where I worked for 9 years.  I met my wife Elizabeth there and we are now married with our almost 3 year old son Nolan and our pup Blade.  We live in the Heights. 

I love traveling and nature and I have visited almost every National park in the U.S. I am a huge Philly sports fan as well as a performing musician. I play guitar and sing in a as well as write my own music. 

I look forward to getting to know all of you and  I am excited to be able to help each student bring their talents and strengths to our community.