Grades will be calculated using the following percentages for each category:


Grades will be updated at least every two weeks and can be accessed via the Student Portal.


Classwork and Participation Grade

You will be given a weekly classwork & participation grade.
(2 points per day totaling 10 points per week)

Classwork & Participation is defined as but not limited to:
~ promptness
~ note taking
~ preparedness (binder, pencil, etc.)
~ completeness of classwork
~ classroom discussion

Points will be deducted from your weekly classroom & participation grade for unexcused lateness and unpreparedness.

Extra Help

If at some point you find yourself falling behind or not understanding a topic, do not hesitate to come and seek help!

I am always available during recess and after school to answer any questions. Communicate with me before you would like to meet so we can plan a day that works best for the both of us.