~ Homework is usually assigned Monday-Thursdays, however, there is an occasional weekend assignment.

~ Homework is given as a review of the classwork completed that day.
~ If that day’s classwork is not completed, it is also the student's responsibility to complete it for homework.

~ No late homework will be accepted unless the student is absent or the student's grown up has contacted the teacher with a valid reason. The student must speak with the teacher when they return to receive their missed assignments.

~ It is permissible to discuss problems with other students and relatives. It is NOT permissible to copy another student’s work or take from the internet. Try your best to think through the problems and understand why things work the way they do. 

Grading of Homework

I can decide to grade homework in three different ways: 

1. No Grade
~ We go over the homework in class and you are responsible for correcting/asking for clarification about any problems you did not understand.

2. Accuracy
~ I will collect the homework and enter it into my grade book based on the percentage of questions you answered correctly.
3. Completion/Effort
~ I will check to see if the homework is complete and enter it in my grade book. This is based on the completion of your homework and the effort you have shown, not the accuracy of the answers. (possible grades given: 100%, 50%, or 0)

Since you will not know how I choose to view your homework each day, you MUST ALWAYS assume that I will be grading it for accuracy.

Google Classroom

All homework assignments for 5th grade math can be found in the student's Google Classroom.

The student's will be given the Class Codes during the first week of school. This will enable them to have access to the Google Classroom throughout the entirety of the 2022-2023 school year. 


~ Students will be assigned one or two (possibly three depending on the units of study) projects per marking period.
~ Most of the projects will be completed at home, but there may be an occasional project completed in class.
~ Rubrics will be provided with the project details to guide your completion.