What's Happening in Kindergarten Tech?

September - Digital Citizenship

Meet our digi friends who help us remember to be safe online.

Purple - use our legs to stand up to bullies. Green - use our arms to balance how much time we spend online. Yellow - use our gut to help us know when something is not right online. Blue- use our head to question what we see online. Orange - use our feet to think about what we are leaving online. Red - use our heart and never say anything mean online.

October - STEM Challenge - Chicka Chicka Boom

Students will be introduced to the engineering process which will be applied during all STEM projects. Students will using at least two materials to make letters that can stand up. They will also make a tree that can hold plastic letters without falling off.

     Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Alphabet Song) | Animated Nursery Rhymes |  Children Full Songs - Dailymotion Video

November - STEM Challenge - A Home for a Wild Thing

Max has brought home a Wild Thing and needs to create a habitat that will support it. Students will identify all the things that a Wild Thing needs and create a habitat specific to those needs. Students will count the number of tress, sources of food, and make sure there is a source of water.

1971 Where the Wild Things are Print Maurice Sendak Let the image 0

December - STEM Challenge - Build a fence to protect
Gregory's Garden

Students will build a fence around a garden that keeps out Peter Rabbit. The fence has to be strong enough to withstand the force of a wind up car, and it has to be high enough so Peter Rabbit can't jump over it.

Our Latest Recommendation for Lil' Sprouts Book Club: The Tale of Peter  Rabbit - Garden Collage Magazine 
January - STEM Challenge - Centers

Students will use everything they have learned about the engineering process by using many different materials to build a structure. They will rotate through the centers over the course of this month.

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February - Introduction to Coding - Unplugged

Students will be introduced to the basics of coding. Students will understand the basics of how a computer works and that behind every click and swipe there is a code that tells the computer what to do. Students will begin by acting out simple code and then move on to drawing code.