Ms. Goral

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Welcome to Ms. Goral's 8th Grade ELA Class!

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"The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'it's always been done that way'."  - Rear Admiral Grace Hoppe             

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8th Grade ELA in Review: 

Unit 1: What is Identity?: Narrative Reading- The Outsiders (Weeks 1-5)

Unit 2: Who am I?: Shattering Stereotypes/ High School Essay Writing (Weeks 6-8)

Unit 3:How does family/ culture affect my Identity?: Romeo and Juliet (Weeks 9-14)

Unit 4: Where do I fit in?: Poetry (Weeks 15-16)

Unit 5: How do I accept others?: Argumentative Writing, Phineas Gage:True Story of Brain Surgery (Weeks 17-22)

Unit 6: How was the past formed my identity?: March Book 1, To Kill a Mockingbird (Weeks 23-28)

Unit 7: What factors make up my identity?: Advanced Skills Practice (Weeks 29-31)

Unit 8: I am proud to be me!: Speech Writing (Weeks 32-36)